A couple of years ago, I was a member of a small committee that was drafting an updated Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Lansing.  A few people involved in Village government suggested that I consider running for the County Legislature.  Laughing (hard), I asked, “Why on earth would I want to do that?”  But the seed was planted. . .

SO – since January 2016, I’ve been attending Legislative meetings, and asking questions.  Dooley Kiefer and other legislators have been wonderfully generous with their time and wisdom.  What they’ve taught me is that the Legislature’s most important function is to allocate County resources in ways that meet the needs and values of our residents.  Not surprisingly, when our needs are many and our resources are relatively few, our values tend to get short shrift.

We now face increasingly scarce resources under a Federal government that shows little interest in our natural, social, and cultural environments, and a State government that sometimes seems determined to bankrupt our counties.  More than ever before, our Tompkins County will be on its own.  How we overcome the challenge of resource scarcity while maintaining the quality of life we all value will set our County’s course for years to come.

And that’s why I’ve decided to run for political office for the very first time. . .

Some of Deborah’s recent Facebook posts are shared, below.

Deborah Dawson for TC Legislature

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Who am I, and why should you vote for me?